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Our dry van trucking service Houston experts will handle both full truck loads as well as LTL trucking shipments for clients whose shipments do not fill a complete trailer. Dry van shipping is the most common method for transporting freight across interstates. A dry van is a standard trailer that does not need to be temperature-controlled and is designed to carry freight that is loaded on pallets, packed in boxes, or otherwise secured within the trailer.

LNC Logistics delivers a wide variety of dry bulk commodities and delicate specialty products throughout the United States. With over 30 years of combine experience in dry van trucking, our dry van trucking service Houston experts have increased their skills and equipment to safely haul delicate and valuable merchandise for our clients.

Dry Van Transportation Services Houston

LNC Logistics prides ourselves with several advantages as dry van transportation services Houston experts. We have structured our organization to operate with the strength, capacity, and knowledge of a large corporation, yet still maintain the understanding and control of a dry van transportation services Houston expert. hometown carrier.

Our dry van transportation services Houston experts are specialists in the field dry van haulage. This means we have the extended resources when the need arises. LNC Logistics not only provides dry van transportation services, but we also provide the expertise to go with it.

Businesses seeking dry van transportation services must choose between a firm offering a full range of transportation services without genuine expertise in any of them. LNC Logistics specializes in dry van transportation. LNC Logistics use an array of logistics tools to find the least expensive and most efficient way to move your dry van shipment. Our system is also flexible enough to adjust to any changes in your shipment. Get a free quote today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still open questions?

    The maximum length allowed for a dry van truck is 53 feet Dry van. A dry van trailer looks like a box.  The entire unit is has only one access point which is in the back. The opening is a door. Goods are loaded and unloaded through the back access door.

    Products transported by dry van trailer do not require a temperature controlled environment. The products transported are called dry goods.  These can be any item such as clothes, equipment, toys, etc. Dry vans are the most common type of trailer.

    A dry van trailer can haul up to 45,000 pounds of cargo or 26 standard pallets. Its cargo is any thing that doesn’t require temperature and meets within the height and weight of the dry Van.  Individual trailer dimensions may vary. Inside height for dry van trailers range from105.5 to 111 inches. The inside width for dry van trailers ranges from 99 to 100 inches.

    Items such as moving non-perishable foods and beverages, textile and clothing items, plastic and building products are transported on dry van trailers.  Products are shipped across local and over-the-road routes. Full truckload and LTL freight shippers use dry van trucking because it’s safe and economical. It also allows the shipper to customize pick and delivery.

    Dry Van Trucking is a very common and most popular type of freight transpiration.  It’s considered to be the most reliable as well. Items shipped are dry goods that don’t require any temperature control. A variety of carriers use dry van shipping because it’s cost effective and the logistics are Cleary defined and simple.

    Dry Van Trucking supports shipping for full load trucking and LTL shipping companies.  Companies that ship dry good items across the country and locally use dry van trucking.  Carriers like UPS find dry van companies the most economical as the majority of their cargo are dry goods.

    The obvious difference between flatbed trucking and dry van trucking is the type of freight that is transported. Dry Vans haul mostly palatalized loads.  Flatbeds transport a wide range of diverse loads.  It is fairly common for a flatbed to haul oversize and/or overweight loads.

    Flatbed trucking is used for oddly shaped items that cannot fit in other containers for safe transport. Both Dry Van and Flatbed trucking have specific items for transport.  Neither trucking/transport methods can efficiently transport the specific goods known for each method of transport.

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