What Is Dry Van Shipping?

What is a dry van?

A dry van is a style of semi-trailer that’s fully enclosed to guard shipments from outside influences and natural elements. Used to transport pallets, boxes, and loose freight, dry vans do not have temperature-control and cannot carry oversized shipments.

How Much Can A Dry Van Carry?

A dry van trailer has the ability to transport up to 45,000 pounds of cargo or 26 standard pallets. Its cargo is any thing that doesn’t require temperature and meets within the height and weight of the dry Van. Individual trailer dimensions may vary. Inside height for dry van trailers range from105.5 to 111 inches. The inside width for dry van trailers ranges from 99 to 100 inches.

A variety of freight, including non-perishable foods and beverages, textile and clothing items, plastic and building products are transported on dry van trailers. Products are shipped across local and over-the-road routes. Full truckload and LTL freight shippers use dry van trucking because it’s safe and economical.

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Dry Van Freight Transportation in Houston, Texas

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