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At LNC Logistics, we understand companies realize there are two ways to hire a flatbed truck: directly through a flatbed trucking carrier and indirectly via freight logistics companies like LNC Logistics.  Many companies in Houston and surrounding areas incorrectly assume hiring a direct flatbed trucking carrier is the less expensive route for flatbed freight shipping Houston services.

A logistics company can save you significant time and money. LNC Logistics can leverage our large network of freight carriers into a lower tier of pricing than you can negotiate on your own. Even large businesses that have regular freight shipping needs can realize cost savings by taking advantage of our bulk discounts.

Flatbed Shipping Houston

LNC Logistics has partnered with qualified carriers throughout North America. We will find the exact flatbed shipping Houston service for every truckload shipping need. From our hometown of Houston, TX, to across the United States, Canada or Mexico, every service conforms to the regulatory requirements for all types of logistics.

We have one of the most extensive flatbed networks in the industry, allowing us to secure the capacity necessary to handle all your flatbed shipping needs. Our flatbed shipping experts move your freight. No matter what the size, whether your shipment is too wide or too heavy, LNC Logistics will use our latest technology to leverage years of experience to ship you freight you can count on.  Get a quote today

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still open questions?

    Flat Bed freight is any item for transport that cannot be shipped by common shipping methods.  On the average flat bed trucks are usually 12 to 20 feet long without a top cover. This allows the transport and removal of items that may require overhead cranes.

    Some examples of flat Bed freight are, backhoes, scaffolding, pallets of brick and lumber, any large or heavy equipment etc.  In landscaping, flat bed freight are large trees particularly those that cannot lie down, as it would cause damage to do so. Flat Bed Freight is anything that is too large  or oddly shaped to be transported by covered trucks.

    A sound and a secure Flat Bed Trucking company is usually found by referral.  Whether it’s by personal referral or Internet referral via excellent customer reviews. The most important aspect to start with is the location of the trucking company. It’s ideal to use a company near you.  However, some Flatbed Trucking companies can originate a pick up from anywhere across the country. Be sure to check with the company you’re planning use.

    Flat Bed Trucking companies are able to ship anything of any peculiar size. A flat bed is open with out a roof.  The key to locating a good Flat Bed Company is doing your research. Remember to speak with previous customers. Ask the owner whether they’ve shipped a product like yours.  Ask what special precautions and techniques are used to get the item from origin to destination. A good Flat Bed Trucking company will answer any all questions needed. If you’re in search of an excellent flat Bed Trucking company, look no further than LNC logistics.  Our years of experience speak volumes to our expertise in the industry. We handle all types of freight and can get your product where you want it go.

    Flatbed trucks are often used for carrying oversized loads or products with unusual shapes. Flat Bed trucks can haul items such as steel, crates, baled tires, building materials, scrap metals, large machinery and any other oversized loads.

    When deciding if a flatbed truck is needed to your haul your items, always consider load size, weight, and the need for loading and unloading aids.  Much of the cargos for Flat Bed trucks are sometimes pallets that need unloading with a crane or lifter. Anything that is oddly shaped or extremely tall is ideal for transport with a flatbed truck.

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