In-House Shipping Specialist May Be Breaking Your Budget

In the competitive world of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), controlling costs while maintaining efficiency is crucial. One area where businesses often struggle is logistics and shipping. Many SMBs opt to hire in-house shipping specialists to manage their freight needs, but this decision can be more costly and less efficient than working with a freight brokerage. At LNC Logistics, we understand the intricacies of freight management and aim to help businesses like yours navigate these challenges. This blog post will explore the financial benefits of partnering with a freight brokerage over maintaining an in-house shipping specialist.


The Hidden Costs of In-House Shipping Specialists

Hiring an in-house shipping specialist might seem like a straightforward solution to manage your logistics. However, this approach comes with several hidden costs that can strain your budget.


  1. Salary and Benefits

The most apparent cost of an in-house shipping specialist is their salary. According to industry standards, the average salary for a shipping specialist ranges from $45,000 to $70,000 per year, depending on experience and location. Additionally, businesses must provide benefits such as health insurance, retirement contributions, and paid time off. These benefits can add another 20-30% to the base salary, significantly increasing the total compensation package. This means that the real cost of employing a shipping specialist can quickly escalate, putting a strain on your budget and reducing funds available for other critical business operations.


  1. Training and Development

The logistics industry is constantly evolving, with new regulations, technologies, and best practices emerging regularly. Keeping an in-house shipping specialist up-to-date requires continuous training and development, which can be both time-consuming and costly. Training programs, conferences, and certifications can add thousands of dollars to your annual expenses. Beyond the financial cost, there is also the time investment required for training, which can result in temporary productivity losses. Ensuring your specialist is knowledgeable about the latest industry standards is essential but comes at a steep cost.


  1. Limited Expertise

An in-house shipping specialist might excel in certain areas but lack comprehensive expertise across all facets of logistics. This limitation can lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities for cost savings. Freight brokerages, on the other hand, have teams of experts with diverse knowledge and experience, ensuring that all aspects of your shipping needs are handled efficiently. These experts bring a broader perspective and deeper understanding of logistics strategies, which can help identify and implement cost-saving measures that a single in-house specialist might overlook.


  1. Technology and Tools

Effective logistics management requires advanced software and tools for tracking shipments, optimizing routes, and managing inventory. Investing in these technologies can be prohibitively expensive for SMBs. Freight brokerages already have access to state-of-the-art logistics platforms, allowing you to leverage cutting-edge technology without the associated costs. These tools not only streamline operations but also provide valuable insights and analytics that can drive further efficiencies. By partnering with a brokerage, you gain access to the latest technology without the hefty price tag of purchasing and maintaining it yourself.


  1. Opportunity Cost

Managing logistics in-house requires significant time and effort from your team. This focus on logistics can divert attention from core business activities, such as sales, marketing, and customer service. The opportunity cost of allocating resources to logistics instead of revenue-generating activities can impact your bottom line. Every hour spent managing logistics is an hour not spent on growing your business or improving customer relationships. By outsourcing logistics to a freight brokerage, your team can focus on their primary roles, driving business growth and enhancing customer satisfaction, while the experts handle the complexities of shipping and logistics.


The Financial Benefits of Partnering with a Freight Brokerage

Partnering with a freight brokerage like LNC Logistics can provide substantial financial benefits, helping you streamline operations and reduce costs.


  1. Cost Savings

Freight brokerages leverage their extensive networks and industry relationships to secure competitive rates for their clients. By consolidating shipments and negotiating bulk discounts, brokerages can offer cost savings that are often unattainable for individual businesses. Additionally, brokerages have the expertise to identify inefficiencies in your supply chain and recommend cost-saving strategies. These savings extend beyond just the shipping costs; they can also reduce warehousing expenses and improve cash flow, ultimately contributing to a healthier bottom line.


  1. Access to Expertise

Freight brokerages employ teams of logistics professionals with specialized knowledge in various aspects of shipping and transportation. This expertise allows them to navigate complex regulations, optimize routes, and handle unexpected challenges efficiently. By partnering with a brokerage, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience that can enhance your logistics operations. Their insight can lead to more strategic decisions, better planning, and smoother execution of your shipping processes, all of which contribute to reduced costs and improved service levels.


  1. Scalability

As your business grows, your logistics needs will evolve. Freight brokerages offer scalable solutions that can adapt to your changing requirements. Whether you need to increase shipping volumes during peak seasons or expand into new markets, a brokerage can provide the necessary support without the need for additional hires or investments in infrastructure. This flexibility allows you to respond quickly to market demands and business opportunities, ensuring that your logistics capabilities grow alongside your business without incurring prohibitive costs.


  1. Technology Integration

Freight brokerages invest heavily in technology to provide their clients with real-time tracking, data analytics, and reporting capabilities. These tools offer valuable insights into your supply chain, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your operations. By leveraging the technology provided by a brokerage, you can improve efficiency and reduce costs without the need for significant investments. Advanced software solutions can help you streamline processes, predict and mitigate potential disruptions, and gain a competitive edge through better data visibility and management.


  1. Risk Management

Shipping and logistics come with inherent risks, including delays, damages, and compliance issues. Freight brokerages have the expertise and resources to mitigate these risks effectively. They can provide insurance options, handle claims, and ensure compliance with industry regulations, protecting your business from potential financial losses. Their experience in risk management ensures that your shipments are handled with the highest standards of care, reducing the likelihood of costly errors and enhancing your overall operational resilience.


Freight Brokerage: The Smart Choice for Your Business

Freight Brokerage: The Smart Choice for Your Business

For SMBs, managing logistics effectively is crucial to maintaining competitiveness and profitability. While hiring an in-house shipping specialist might seem like a viable option, the hidden costs and limitations can outweigh the benefits. Partnering with a freight brokerage like LNC Logistics offers substantial financial advantages, including cost savings, access to expertise, scalability, technology integration, and risk management.


At LNC Logistics, we are committed to helping businesses optimize their shipping operations and achieve their goals. By leveraging our industry knowledge, advanced technology, and extensive network, we provide customized solutions that meet your unique needs. Whether it’s negotiating better rates, integrating advanced logistics platforms, or ensuring compliance with industry regulations, we have the tools and expertise to streamline your supply chain.


Furthermore, our scalable solutions ensure that as your business grows, your logistics can seamlessly adapt without the need for significant additional investments. This flexibility allows you to handle increased shipping volumes, enter new markets, and improve overall efficiency, all while keeping costs under control.


Risk management is another critical area where we excel. Our team is adept at mitigating risks associated with shipping, such as delays, damages, and compliance issues. This proactive approach helps protect your business from potential financial losses and ensures smoother operations.


Ready to optimize your shipping operations and reduce costs? Contact LNC Logistics today to schedule a consultation and discover the benefits of partnering with a leading freight brokerage. Let us handle your logistics so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business. Unlock the potential for significant cost savings and enhanced efficiency with LNC Logistics as your trusted partner in freight management.



If you’re in search of more affordable and straightforward freight forwarding services, LNC Logistics stands out as a prime provider of tailored shipping solutions. Their dedicated team of freight shipping experts possesses the deep industry knowledge necessary to navigate the freight shipping market effectively. This expertise enables them to offer competitive pricing and ample capacity for a variety of freight shipping needs, including flatbed, dry van, and LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) freight shipping.


LNC Logistics has established years of experience in the logistics field, building a strong reputation based on reliability, efficiency, and a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction. This commitment is evident in their swift rate quote provision, designed to facilitate seamless planning and execution of your shipping operations. Regardless of your location, whether in the Greater Houston area, Beaumont, Conroe, Galveston, Humble, or Livingston, LNC Logistics stands ready as your trusted partner. They deliver affordable and efficient shipping solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business, ensuring that your logistics requirements are met with the utmost precision and professionalism.


LTL shipping, in particular, offers a cost-effective solution for businesses that do not require the full space of a truck for their shipments. It allows for the transportation of smaller quantities of goods, making it an ideal option for companies with less-than-full-load shipping needs. By choosing LNC Logistics for your LTL shipping needs, you gain access to a network of reliable freight carriers across North America. This expansive network, combined with LNC Logistics’ expertise and strategic approach to freight management, empowers your business to reduce shipping costs significantly. Engage with LNC Logistics and experience the convenience of optimizing your shipping processes, enhancing your operational efficiency, and achieving your business objectives with greater ease and effectiveness.


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