How to Handle Less Than Truckload Shipping in Houston

Posted by LNC Logistics

What is Less Than Truckload Shipping?

Less than truckload shipping, also known as less than load (LTL) is the term used to reference the transportation of smaller freight loads. If a shipment is not less than load, it is full truckload carriers and parcel carriers.


Full truckload carriers are used to move large amount of freight that is loaded into a semi-trailer. These trailers, on average tend to be between 26 and 53 feet. At this size, they should be loaded with a substantial amount of freight for any given load. This is because they are more expensive to run, and need a larger load in order to be an economically sound choice.  


A parcel carrier, much like it sounds, is designed to carry smaller packages and freight. A good generalization is parcel carriers usually only handle loads than can be broken down into units under 150 pounds. 


Preparing Shipments for LTL Carriers

Whenever freight is sent through less than load carriers, it will be handled at several different locations, often by different people. This means, when you have a package with a multi stop route like this, it is more important than normal to protect your package from getting banged up, being exposed to high vibrations, being crushed, dropped, and moisture. With all of this said, you can understand why it is often considered appropriate to load the freight onto pallets or safely package freight into crates. 


Carriers have established taxes that are put in place to provide guidelines for packaging. Packaging engineers, with decades of experience, design and test packaging to meet the specific needs of the logistics system and the product being shipped.


Proper packaging freight is important for a multitude of reasons, including:


-Preventing damages while freight is being handled in transit

-Protects freight while in the truck from being crushed or damaged by other packages

-Helps keep multi-package shipments together, decreasing lost packages 


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