4 Factors That Determine LTL Freight Shipping Rates

Posted by LNC Logistics

When it comes to shipping your commercial freight, the more you understand the factors that go into determining your LTL shipping rates, the easier it will be for you to plan a budget and manage your shipping cost expectations, as well as come up with a freight shipping process that saves you the most time, money, and resources on a long term basis. At LNC Logistics we understand how important a budget is for businesses of all sizes, this is why we put so much emphasis on flexibility as well as visibility with our customers. 


Listed below are 4 of the main factors to consider when estimating your LTL freight shipping cost:


Weight of Shipment: LTL rates are structured differently than when you mail an individual package to someone. When you are a private shipper mailing a singular package, typically you will pay more the heavier the package is, however, this is not the case with LTL shipping. The more your freight shipment weighs, the less expensive your rate will be per hundred pounds. As the weight of the LTL shipment grows and gets closer to the lowest weight in the next heaviest weight group, it will be rated at the lowest weight category and rate in that weight group, in order to provide you with the best shipping rates. 


Density of Shipment: Your freight may be in palettes, boxes, or some other configuration. The density of this configuration will play a large role in determining the LTL rates. Shippers will need to be able to share the weight, as well as the density of all packages in order to properly calculate and describe their freight on the bill of lading to the carrier. The total weight of the shipment is divided by the total cubic feet to determine the density. If the shipment is palletized, the dimensions of the pallet, the combined height of the carton and the pallet, and the total weight of the shipment will be used. When determining the dimensions of your shipment, be sure to measure the longest sides including any packaging, overhangs or protrusions. Once density is calculated, you can then determine the freight’s class.


Distance Shipment Will Travel: Most often, the longer the haul, the higher the price per-hundredweight will come out. Many LTL carriers only work within a specific region, if your package must travel out of their area, they will transfer your shipment to another LTL carrier to complete the delivery. This is a process known as interlining, a practice that may result in higher costs due to lower discounts and higher minimum charges. At LNC Logistics, our team will work with you to get the most direct shipping options available. We are dedicated to helping you lock in the lowest rates possible. 


Base Rates: All LTL carriers will set their own base rates. These rates are quoted per 100 pounds, and will vary between carrier companies. The base rate calculation is typically based on the freight classification. It is important to note that carriers will adjust their base rate depending on their availability. 


Choose quality customer service and the most competitive freight shipping prices in North America when you work with LNC Logistics for your freight shipping needs. Our dedicated staff of logistics technicians are here to provide you with the most affordable shipping in North America, with fast and reliable quotes that you can count on. We create BOLs and will walk you through the entire shipping process from start to finish, to ensure total transparency throughout every aspect of the shipping process. This will include taking a look into carrier tariffs, the system of using multiple carriers, and how you can keep weight and dimensions in mind for the most affordable shipping costs available for your needs. Get your freight shipping quote from our team today to get the lowest freight shipping rates in North America. 


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