What Are The Main Types of Freight Transportation

Posted by LNC Logistics

There are four main modes of transportation when it comes to freight:

  • Ground (road)
  • Intermodal Rail Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Air Freight Shipping


At LNC Logistics we focus on bringing affordable and efficient solutions for ground freight transportation. Our team works within a massive network of shipping companies to save you time and money. Our flexible freight services includes full truckload and LTL shipping options.


Why Should I Hire LNC Logistics

There are several perks for companies that make the choice to work with freight brokers. By deciding to work with a freight logistics company for your shipping needs you are getting the support of a team of freight shipping professionals that are focused on saving you money and getting you the most convenient shipping options for all of your specific needs.

Freight shipping companies connect shippers with carriers that have available space on their vehicles, primarily being flatbed shipping. Our team works with carriers to ensure they are maximizing their space on each trip, by filling all vacant space they may have between cities. LTL shipping is extremely flexible and also the most common type of shipping utilized today. Whether you have a one-time shipping need, or a recurring shipping need, working with the freight brokers at LNC Logistics can help you safe money and get the flexible shipping you deserve.

Our team focuses on supporting and connecting shippers with carriers so that they are able to find more efficient and affordable shipping solutions. Handling your freight shipping on your own can be difficult, when you work with a freight broker, such as LNC Logistics we will help you to lower the cost of your freight shipping by pairing you with reliable carriers that have empty space on their transportation companies.


Expedited Freight Shipping Throughout North America

Is your company looking for a reliable freight shipping solution? Our logistic professionals can help! We make it simple and fast to get accurate quotes when you need them. When you select LNC Logistics as your LTL US freight shipping expert, we offer personalized customer service planning. We provide competitive quotes, create BOLs, and walk through the entire shipping process from start to finish.

LNC Logistics uses multiple best practices to provide you with the best rate. These include understanding carrier tariffs, using multiple carriers, and keeping weight and dimensions in mind. Contact us today to get a shipping quote for your freight.


Cost Effective Freight Transportation Shipping Options

Are you currently looking for more affordable, simple, freight forwarding services you can count on? Our team of freight shipping experts can help get you the shipping solutions you are looking for today. There is no reason to continue working with a shipping company you are not fully satisfied with. With the expertise and knowledge to leverage the freight shipping market, LNC Logistics has what it takes to bring competitive pricing and capacity for flatbed, dry van, and LTL freight shipping.


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