Flatbed trucks are used for a variety of items shipped across the country.

You’ll find flatbed trucks used in transportation, manufacturing, construction and most common transportation.  These opened end motorized moving vehicles are the lifeblood of moving items throughout the country and the world.

Most often you will see flatbed trucks with common cargo such as palletized items like stone or brick in construction and other non-perishable dry goods that do not need to protect from the elements.  Odd sized items are always a good candidate for flatbed trucks n transportation and construction; large equipment, lumber materials and sometimes pre-manufactured homes are sometimes shipped via flatbed truck.  In those cases, shipping companies always used police escorts to assist in navigating the traffic in and around the truck’s travel route.

In manufacturing, flatbed trucks are used to ship a variety of the items and objects.  Oil and Gas companies transport piping, parts to large oil derricks, crude whether oil or gasoline and much more.   The industry utilizes flatbed truck more often than any other, as it is a means to provide its products to customers.  As a matter of fact, flatbed truck delivery has become a vital part of the manufacturing industry.  Without it, transpiration costs would soar.  Shipping products via aviation transportation and railway is still not as cost effective has flatbed delivery.

When deciding on flatbed truck delivery, make sure you determine what is benefit your business.  First, consider what you need to transport.  Equally important is the load size, location and delivery time.  More often than not Flatbed trucking will prove efficient and cost-effective.

At LNC logistics one of our specialties is flatbed-trucking delivery.  LNC will pick up your load and schedule your delivery no matter where it needs to go.   Our flatbed trucks can accommodate loads of any size and shape.  We specialize in the unusual and get your delivery where it needs to go and one-time.  Whether it’s palletized load, manufactured products, construction materials, oilfield pipe or just about anything you can imagine, LNC logistics can get the load wherever it needs to go.

Contact the experts at LNC logistics for flatbed truck delivery in Houston.  We’ll take on any size load and deliver it.  We safeguard your load, ensure your delivery and keep your word to clients.  Call LNC logistics today.

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