Less than load freight is one of the most economical forms of shipping freight in the industry.  Many companies have shipments that are relatively small and usually do not require an entire flatbed truck. These types of shipments share a truck headed to the same area.  The shipment arrives a local distribution terminal, and then sorted for delivery upon arrival to the terminal.

When did LTL shipping start?

Trucking transportation in the United States existed for centuries as goods have always been transported.  Regulation in the industry came when the Motor Carrier Act passed in 1935. It created freight hauling rate regulations.  This limited hours truckers could drive. It also monitored where companies went.

However, in 1948, Congress provided carriers exemption for anti-trust legislation and permitted them to fix rates.  During that time competition was near non-existent. Applications for new carriers were denied for thirty years. In the 1970s Congress presented legislation that deregulated the industry, which reduced the fixed pricing, generated lower prices and more competitive carriers. By the 1980s and 90s, more carriers evolved the industry and LTL became a popular mode of transport for smaller loads.

Why is Less Than Load an economical choice?

Freight transport rates are determined by a number of factors; pick up and delivery, fuel, location, dimension, and weight. In LTL transport the dimension and weight are considerably important. Most rates are determined by the amount of space and weight used in the trailer for shipment.  Smaller shipments through LTL are more economical as it does not require a full load and the size and weight of the goods are smaller than a regular shipment.

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