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What is freight shipping?

Freight shipping is the act of transporting goods and cargo. This transportation can be done by land, sea or air. Freight itself can be defined as the goods transported by truck, train, ship or plane. The means of transport commonly associated with freight shipping are trucks, railroad cars and large ships carrying containers.

Whenever you are looking for an accurate freight shipping quote in Houston, there are many different factors that you will need to consider, that all have the ability to affect your freight shipping cost. These factors include the weight, dimensions, density, packaging, stowability, risk factors, insurance, mode of transportation, timeline, and more.

Weight, Dimensions and Density

Oftentimes, it is assumed that weight is the only factor included in determining a price for shipping freight. However, this simply is not the case. Two separate items, with the exact same weight can cost very different prices to ship. This is because many more things need to be considered than just the overall weight of an item. Items that are easily condensed, stacked, and placed together will cost less to ship than items that require more space in order to be shipped. Additionally, it is true that items that are easily broken down into small segments that are easy to transport are less expensive than large bulky items.

This is why companies, such as Walmart and IKEA sell their furniture in small pieces that easily fit into boxes. By doing this they are able to cut costs of shipping and send more items at a time than they would be able to if the items they shipped were already assembled.

Stowability, Fragility Liability, and Packaging

The shape, breakability and packaging can all play a role in determining freight shipping costs. For example, a canoe will take up more space than say a stack of bricks. Just because the stack of bricks may weigh much more than the canoe, this does not make them more expensive to ship. They are easily stacked, and stored, making shipping more efficient and affordable.

Another thing to take into consideration is that fragile and sensitive items may require special handling. This will mean they need special attention and care when being shipped, which will be reflected in the overall freight shipping price.

LNC Logistics Houston

LNC Logistics employs a team of logistic services Houston experts. We offer you more and better options to move freight in every lane, style and mode. You will find the exact truckload freight service for every truckload shipping need. From our hometown of Houston, TX, to across the United States. Every service conforms to the regulatory requirements for all types of logistics.

With the expertise and knowledge to leverage freight shipping market, LNC Logistics has what it takes to bring competitive pricing and capacity for flatbed, dry van and LTL freight shipments. We strive for maximum customer satisfaction, and part of that means providing rate quotes fast. Contact us today to learn more about your options when you ship with LNC Logistics Houston.

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