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Sometimes, when you need to transport something quickly from one place to another, you do not have the luxury of time on your side. At LNC Logistics, we understand how important getting your freight to the proper location and on time is for your business. This is why we put all of our efforts into getting your freight transported quickly and safely. We rely on a massive network of transporters, ensuring we can always quote you the lowest price and the quickest shipping times. When you have an important job, do not gamble that your freight will be delivered quickly by choosing an untrusted shipping option. Instead, when you are working on a tight timeframe and need reliable expedited freight quotes in Houston, contact LNC Logistics. 


How Is A Shipping Price Quoted?

A common misconception is that weight is the only factor that is taken into account when a price is being calculated for shipping freight. While weight is a determining factor- the dimensions of your package will also play a role in the price you are quoted for shipping. In fact, you can have two boxes that weigh the exact same- traveling the same route and still get two different prices. This is because space is limited on a truck. If you have a box that takes up a small amount of space or is a common shape, you will get a lower quote than a box that takes up a large amount of space or has an uncommon shape. Boxes are so often shaped the same way because this makes them easier to stack and condense in small spaces.


At LNC Logistics, our top priority is always to help the companies and individuals we work with save money and time. This is why our team of logistics professionals have invested their own time and money into figuring out the absolute most efficient shipping options in North America to better serve the needs of your company. We help our clients to bring down the costs they would be dealing with by working directly with a flatbed truck carrier. Our team has cultivated strong connections within the industry that help us get your freight shipped on the best routes for your specific needs. 


Quick Freight Shipping Houston

Whenever you are looking for affordable, convenient, flatbed delivery services in Houston you can count on, reach out to LNC Logistics today! We will help get you the answers you are looking for today. There is no reason to stick with a shipping company you are not fully satisfied with. With the expertise and knowledge to leverage freight shipping market, LNC Logistics has what it takes to bring competitive pricing and capacity for flatbed, dry van and LTL freight shipments. We have spent years building our reputation and always strive for maximum customer satisfaction, and part of that means providing rate quotes fast. If you are in the Greater Houston area, Beaumont, Conroe, Galveston, Humble, or Livingston, contact LNC Logistics to learn more about the services we provide.



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