What is Transportation and Logistics Management?


Transpiration is the movement of people goods and animals from one location to another.  Logistics is the coordinated plan to deliver the items where they need to go.  In other words, transportation is the vehicle used to execute the logistics plan to get freight from point A to point B.  Both are vital to the delivery of freight.  However, much like our Brain being the central vehicle that directs our movement, logistics is the same in transportation.  Without logistics, transportation does not function.


For example, a company needs to transport perishable goods from Texas to California. They contact a transportation company for the delivery. Upon notice of the requested delivery, the transportation company’s Logistics starts working on the plan to deliver the goods of the company. First, the decision of what mode of transportation is used. Since we know the items are perishable, the Logistics Manager knows a refrigerated flatbed truck is needed.


Next, the weight and size of the load are calculated to identify the size of the vehicle, which will determine the freight class such as LTL (Less Than Load), Dry van or the most common Flatbed. After all size and pricing are completed, the logistics manager routes the trip. The logistics manager plans every detail, from whose driving, route, weather, and host of other details.


Other items for consideration of the logistics manager include but not limited insurance, storage, importing and exporting regulations, union factors, mitigating risk factors and expenditure, and speaking with other executives in the process.  The logistics manager follows the freight from.   There are unlimited factors of consideration when planning transportation.  Fortunately, logistics managers have software that assists with tracking, planning, communications, and regulations.  The management of transportation and logistics is simply defined by the duties and responsibilities executed to deliver freight.


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