Is Air Freight Cheaper Than Ground?

Posted by LNC Logistics

For most businesses, one of the biggest concerns when it comes to shipping their materials and products is keeping their shipping costs in a range that works within their budget. For most heavy and large packages, ground transportation will be the most affordable option for your freight shipping. However, in some cases, companies may elect to use air freight shipping for more direct shipping or increased security for their shipment. If you do decide to use ground shipping for your freight, you will want to know the difference between Full Truckload (FTL) shipping and Less Than Load (LTL) shipping.


FTL Freight Shipping: Full truckload shipping is the best option for those who are looking to ship an entire truck’s worth of freight. Whenever you use the entire space within a truck, your freight shipment will go directly from its place of origin to your destination with no stopping to drop-off or pick-up other shipments. This is more expensive than LTL shipping but if time is your main priority or you have enough freight to fill the entire truck, this is the best method for you.


LTL Freight Shipping: If you do not have enough freight to fill an entire truck, LTL shipping will be your most economical option for shipping. Your freight will share the space on the truck with other freight, going to places along your route. This shipping will require more time, as many stops will be made before your freight arrives at its destination.


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Affordable Freight Shipping in Houston

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