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Are you looking for a service transportation company based in Houston, Texas that can help you save money? Our logistics services are full service across the United States and North America. Our trucking services ensure your heavy hauls and light shipping needs are safely transported and delivered on time without error. Additionally, we pride ourselves on having the best customer service team available.


Why Should I Work With A Logistics Transport Service?

There are a wide range of ways that businesses and individuals can benefit from working with a logistics company such as LNC. Listed below are some of the top ways your company can benefit from our services:

Save Time: When you are running a business the last thing you have time for is comparing shipping rates and trying to get the lowest price available, while still staying on track with your timeline. Working with a freight shipping company can allow you the freedom to focus on the things that matter most in your business, while still getting the cheapest freight shipping possible.

Save Money: Sticking to a budget is an important aspect of running a business. If you are constantly overpaying in shipping costs this can begin to have a massive impact of the budget of your company. Our team has decades of experience working with companies to help the reach their goals without overpaying.

Enjoy Flexibility: A freight company like ours is able to provide you more, or less, shipping capacity as your business goes through seasonal changes and evolves. When you work with us there is no need to stress over seasonality, irregular spikes, or sudden troughs in your business. We work with you on each project with the same level of dedication and enthusiasm. If you have a shipping needs reach out to our team today

Industry Knowledge At Your Fingertips: As freight brokers, our main focus is optimizing shipping strategies. When you work with one allows you access to their knowledge of best practices and real-world experience. It also allows you to access the latest technology for shipping reporting and visibility into your logistics.

Industry Connections: When it comes to securing the best freight shipping rates, its more about who you know than how much time you spend searching for the best options. At LNC Logistics, we have a massive network of freight carriers we work with to ensure you are getting the best prices and most direct routes possible for your budget.

Teamwork: When you work with our company you are getting a partnership to help navigate all aspects of your shipping supply chain. We help you track and monitor your shipments the entire way. There is no reason you should be left in the dark when it comes to your freight shipping.


How Much Does Freight Shipping Cost?

Many different factors are taken into consideration when reaching shipping costs. It is a common misconception that the price of your shipping relies solely on the weight of your shipment. The freight shipping professionals at LNC Logistics work within a massive network of trucking shippers throughout North America, giving us the opportunity to match your freight to the most affordable carrier. By determining how much space these trucks have available, we are able to place your freight on the most affordable and direct route trucks. What this means is, when you have uncommonly shaped freight, it may take more effort to find space available on a truck that can accommodate your freight. This has the ability to impact the price of your freight shipping. For an accurate and quick shipping quote for your freight, reach out to the team at LNC Logistics. We will ask you a series of questions to understand the size and needs of your freight before coming up with a fast and accurate freight shipping quote for you!


Logistical Solution Trucking Company

For business owners that have a recurring shipping need, working with a logistics company is a must. When you are running a company on a budget and don’t have the time and energy to compare various shipping strategies just to still end up overpaying, the professionals at LNC Logistics can help you! Our freight shipping specialists in Houston work with your company in order to help you get the most affordable and efficient shipping for your freight. Don’t make the mistake of believing your company is too small or large to benefit from working with a freight logistics company and call us today.


Fast & Reliable Freight Transportation in Houston, TX

Are you currently on the quest for affordable, simple, freight forwarding services you can rely on? Our team can help get you the shipping solutions you are looking for today. There is no reason to stick with a shipping company you are not fully satisfied with. With the expertise and knowledge to leverage the freight shipping market, LNC Logistics has what it takes to bring competitive pricing and capacity for flatbed, dry van, and LTL freight shipping.

Our logistics experts have dedicated several years earning our reputation. We always strive for maximum customer satisfaction, and part of that means providing rate quotes fast. If you are in the Greater Houston area, Beaumont, Conroe, Galveston, Humble, or Livingston, contact LNC Logistics to learn more about the services we provide.


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